Herman Cain, What The…

1 Dec

Oh man, for the past month I’ve been watching Herman Cain with interest to see if he could beat the sexual harassment charges being leveled against him. And like a cat with 9 lives, he seemed to be on the verge of doing just that. But in my heart of hearts, I knew the man was doomed. Being an African American myself, I knew the man was doom from the beginning.

Though I cried the night Barrack Obama was elected President in 2008, not believing that America was willing to elect a Black man as President. That was just not possible, I thought to myself that night.

Noting that Tom Bradley had, twice been predicted to be California’s next governor by huge landslides, only to see the evil that lurks in our souls bare it’s ugliness.

President Obama’s election brought hope and the possibility of change. But a French philosopher once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

So is evil playing its part again or have we turned a corner in America. Polls suggested that Herman Cain wasn’t being significantly hurt by the allegations, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And boy the fire is raging now.

But for a brief moment, I dreamed of another first…Two African Americans running against each other for the hearts and minds of Americans for President in 2012.


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