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Thanksgiving, What We Hold Dear

1 Dec

Wow….wait a minute. It’s Thanksgiving already? Where did the time go? Life is so complicated, fast and sometime unforgiving. But it’s the Holidays now. So bring out the cheer, vacation time and self-indulgence of all our society has to offer.

I look to my wife for inspiration. A budding new American; a professional Mexican woman, who gave up her dental practice and University Professorship to come live in America. She’s my Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up in one.

Thanksgiving night after getting home from a day with my family, her family now; she told me she’s had a long conversation with one of her brothers back in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She recounted in her good English and my bad Spanish, how the Narcos had killed several people in her hometown and that a bus accident had killed over 20 people from the township she had lived in. People she knew had died in that terrible accident.

Between the bus accident and Narcos in a five-year long War on Drugs in Mexico that has cost 50,000 lives, the innocent and the damned. I don’t know which is worse.

How my wife was able to put on a happy face, have fun, eat and be merry on Thanksgiving with such heavy news on her heart, I don’t know.

So here’s to you Miriam…I Love You, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holiday and May the world be better than place than yesterday.


Immigration Reform, But Not What You Think

1 Dec

Yes Martha, our borders are long and unsecure. But this is America, a land of shining hope to millions around the globe. Should are borders be better monitored and secured. Yes.

But that’s not the immigration reform I’m talking about. I want immigration reform for those who are going by the rules and regulations for legal immigration. Why you ask, because I’m frustrated with a system that is slow and extremely expensive for those of us who marry foreign nationals.

You see, I got married this year, shocking all of my family and friends as to, who, where, who is she, when did you meet her, when did you have the time and how come we didn’t know.

All good question then, but now I wonder why we let congress take away automatic citizenship to foreign nationals, who married Americans, during the Clinton Presidency. The last time Congress and a President agreed on Immigration Reform, well amnesty.

Now I have to fill out mountains of forms and forever paying out a small fortune. All to have my lovely wife be a legal resident in America.
Who determines the cost of these forms? Most of documents are one to two pages long, but cost varies from free to well over $1,000. And its not just one form to fill out, we’ve now filled out 12 documents, around 40 pages and the cost, well, lets just say again, its been a small fortune.

So how about giving a break to those of us who are playing by the rules and doing the right thing

Herman Cain, What The…

1 Dec

Oh man, for the past month I’ve been watching Herman Cain with interest to see if he could beat the sexual harassment charges being leveled against him. And like a cat with 9 lives, he seemed to be on the verge of doing just that. But in my heart of hearts, I knew the man was doomed. Being an African American myself, I knew the man was doom from the beginning.

Though I cried the night Barrack Obama was elected President in 2008, not believing that America was willing to elect a Black man as President. That was just not possible, I thought to myself that night.

Noting that Tom Bradley had, twice been predicted to be California’s next governor by huge landslides, only to see the evil that lurks in our souls bare it’s ugliness.

President Obama’s election brought hope and the possibility of change. But a French philosopher once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

So is evil playing its part again or have we turned a corner in America. Polls suggested that Herman Cain wasn’t being significantly hurt by the allegations, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And boy the fire is raging now.

But for a brief moment, I dreamed of another first…Two African Americans running against each other for the hearts and minds of Americans for President in 2012.

Hello world!

1 Dec

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